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As a member of a small church myself, I volunteered to help set up a website for our church. Our budget was virtually nil, and if we did have some extra money, we would have rather supported missionaries than spend hundreds of dollars on a website for our small group. So I sought out free or nearly free services. What I found was that some free services available provided very limited storage capacity hosting and others made you the site, but then charged monthly fees for maintaining the site. So I found some very economical hosting for our church, costing us under $95 per year with enough storage for many thousands of photos. From that experience, I decided to make free simple church web site templates for small churches to download, edit with a text editor, and economically publish. The simplicity of this allows you to have full control of your church website at a low cost. To date, hundreds of churches have taken advantage of these web templates - see a list here. To get a good overview of how this works, see the Setup Page.

There is also a WordPress option that allows you to have complete control of your site without having to pay an outside webmaster monthly fees. I added 27 free WordPress Church Themes along with directions on how to use them. Wordpress has many more bells and whistles (and thus requires a little more effort) but it is still a platform that a person with no HTML skills can work with and it requires no special software. Also, I am willing to create a free custom WordPress theme for you using your photos or art, like the one I created at this church site. Email me for details.

In addition, I have a section with instructions for creating free church websites using some popular free web hosting services.

The templates on this site require no expensive software or web design skills, and may be edited with a text editor found standard on virtually all home computers. Once you download the files, you have a complete site! And, best of all, comprehensive instructions are included in the download!

Samples of Templates - Go To The Templates Page For Download Information and Links
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Features Of The Website Templates Offered On This Site:

NEW! Learn How You Can Make a Free Church Website with free hosting and no HTML skills! Also, I have 27 Free WordPress Church themes you may use to change the appearance of your hosted WordPress blog and just recently I created some free Blogger Church Themes.

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