Free Church WordPress Themes and Custom Christian Themes

You may use any of the free WordPress church themes shown below for your hosted WordPress blog. Click on each image to get view a larger screen shot. If you like the theme (or themes), download them to your computer. Then you need to upload them to your server - to do this follow the instructions given on the theme upload tutorial to upload the theme or themes to your blog directory. Once the themes are uploaded, it only takes a click of the mouse to implement the new WordPress theme. For start to finish instructions go to the WordPress Blog Setup Tutorial. To see an actual blog that uses one of these themes, visit this sample church blog.

Free Custom WordPress Theme!
Would you like for me to create a free custom theme for you using your own photo (off to the right) or a 150x875 banner across the top? If so, drop me an email and attach the photo or banner you would like to use and I will email you a custom theme that incorporates your photo, banner or image, ready to use in your WordPress blog. If you submit a banner, make sure there is an area to the left, right, or middle where the blog name & description can be seen clearly. This free offer to customize a theme for you is only available to churches or church organizations.

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Note that I have also recently added Free Blogspot Blogger Themes!

If you need help, drop me a line! Email me at Also, if you have any comments or feedback, drop me a line.

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